Enrolment Process for New Families

As part of our registration process all families need to complete the following requirements:

Contact your Chosen Centre

Call your chosen centre to organise a time for you and your child/ren to attend an orientation around the centre and to confirm your place.

Please call - 0436 812 579

Contact Services Australia (Centrelink)

Contact Services Australia (Centrelink) on T: 13 61 50 to complete the Child Care Subsidy claim for each child using care and obtain Primary Parent Customer Reference Number (CRN) and CRN for each child (some parents may have completed this step already if they have used registered and approved childcare before).

*This step is only for those applying for Childcare subsidy*


What you need to complete the registration form

  • Services Australia (Centrelink) Customer Reference Number (CRN) for the parent registered for family payments.

    Customer Reference Number Information 

  • Reference Number (CRN) for EACH child to be registered for care. Either provided when completing the Childcare Subsidy or contact Services Australia (Centrelink) to find 
  • An up to date Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)* for any under school age child  Australian Immunisation Register Information
  • Authorised Nominees contact details (emergency contacts)
  • Email addresses for ALL parent/guardians and Authorised Nominees (a PIN number will be emailed for e-signing).
  • Medical details including Medicare Number, Doctor's contact details and Health Insurance for each child enrolling
  • Birth Certificates for each child enrolling
  • Medical Plan for medical conditions or allergies eg Asthma or Anaphylaxis from your GP* (Follow up form will be emailed after receiving the Registration form)
  • Custody Court Orders*


*If relevant to you and your family 



Enrol Your Child/Children

Complete the Enrol Your Child/Children registration form 

Confirmation through MyGov

You will receive a confirmation email from Greater Hume Children Services (GHCS) detailing that an enrolment has been sent to your MyGov account to confirm. Once confirmed it links your Child Care Subsidy to GHCS - log on to your MyGov to confirm