More Information For Families

Check List for Family/Educator Interviews

Important topics that you or your educator may wish to discuss at an interview. Please take the time to read through the points and make note of anything you wish to discuss with your educator.

Points for discussion:

  • educator’s fee schedule 
  • notification of absences or cancellations 
  • late fees and charges 
  • notice for termination of care 
  • parent sign in/out routine
  • educator and or service philosophy 
  • educator’s daily routine and program 
  • your child’s personality likes, dislikes, interests 
  • any special needs, dietary requirements or allergies 
  • food and drink 
  • hygiene and dental hygiene practices 
  • routine and non-routine excursions 
  • behaviour guidance strategies
  • medications and sick children 
  • change of clothes 
  • sun safety 
  • sleep routines 
  • homework for school age children /TV and small screen time 
  • communication strategies
  • religious cultural or special requirements 
  • any other questions

 Please ask your educator for a copy of their Service Information for Families booklet.


The Educational Programs and National Quality Standards (NQS)

Assessed as Exceeding the National Quality Standards.

The National Quality Standard from 1 January 2012 sets a new benchmark of quality for all mainstream child education and care services across Australia. A national body oversees the quality assurance and rating: Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority. More information is available at their website:

Each service must undergo assessment and compliance visits on a regular basis to measure their proficiency. Services are assessed on the educational programs they provide for children, the relationships they form throughout the organisation and within their communities, the standards of health and safety and the governance of the service. The assessors spend time visiting educators and appraising the coordination unit. Our service has a long and proud history of success when being measured against early childhood quality standards. We welcome families enquiring about our service rating. More information is available at

Our service provides programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) – the national early childhood curriculum for children prior to starting school and My Time Our Place (MTOP) for school age children. 

Each educator must offer a professional, planned program for each individual child and the groups of children in their care.

The EYLF curriculum is based on early childhood educational theory and research and is specific to the needs of under school age children. It is reflective of the essential needs of Belonging, Being and Becoming and once a child feels supported, their ‘play’ is fundamental to learning and growing.

Our service is excited about the greater emphasis on educational programs for young children but we want families to know this is not to be confused with a more structured school-like environment. If you have more questions about what are the best environments for early childhood learning please ask any one of our staff or educators.

The framework is based on the following 5 outcomes for children:

  • children have a strong sense of identity
  • children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • children are confident and involved learners
  • children are effective communicators

The MTOP curriculum is based on the needs of school age children in their leisure time away from school.

We recognize our service is part of a much wider community where many services exist to support families and children. We actively build relationships with additional services to support children and families. School and preschool transition is recognized as a challenging time for many children and families, where our active participation and engagement with the local community is beneficial. Our service is readily able to link children and families with early childhood experts and professional services where ever required.