Conditions And Responsibilities


Attendance records are legal documents which provide verification of the specific use of childcare for the payment of Government Subsidy’s.

Parents/guardians are required by law to sign/Pin children in and out of care on attendance records at the precise times children are in childcare, and are required to sign the timesheet record at the end of the week. Our service can undergo a visit by the Australian Department of Education compliance team at any time and seek the assistance and cooperation of all families by checking and signing all attendance records and documentation to ensure they are a correct representation of childcare and payments.

Our service is also required to send families a statement to confirm childcare usage, absence days and subsidy payments. We urge all families to check the data to ensure they are receiving the correct entitlements.

Each child is entitled to 42 absence days per year which can be increased when if the additional days meet the criteria. Families can view their children’s absence count and child care usage on the Department of Human Services website:

Please be aware that Subsidy’s cannot be paid for any first or last day absences from childcare and families will be required to pay for the full cost of childcare for these days.

Jobs, Education and Training (JET) Child Care fee assistance provides extra help with the cost of approved child care for eligible parents undertaking activities such as job search, work, study or rehabilitation as part of an Employment Pathway Plan, to help them enter or re-enter the workforce.

Grandparent Child Care Benefit (GCCB) covers the cost of childcare up to the Governments cap and is available to grandparents who meet the eligibility test. Contact the Department of Human Services for more information.

Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) can be approved by the service manager under extenuating circumstances, allowing up to 13 weeks of childcare up to the Governments cap. There are very specific criteria under which this can be applied where a family emergency or event creates hardship or impacts to the ability for children to access childcare. Examples that meet the criteria include: a reduction in the family income due to separation of parents, failure of a business, or serious illness of a family member. Documentation to support the application is required. Please contact the service manager if you need further information.


Parents/Guardians must acknowledge the following conditions and responsibilities:

  1. Accurately sign each child in and out of care on the attendance record each time they enter or leave care.
  2. Comply with The Department of Human Services law to ensure when signing and completing details on all attendance records the information is correct and the parent portion of payment has been paid.
  3. Comply with educator fee schedule and pay the educator as per individual agreement.
  4. Pay all administration levies and charges (as per current fee schedule)
  5. Provide a balanced, nutritious diet for child/ren while in care (if supplying food).
  6. Notify and provide a statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register to Greater Hume Children Services Coordination Unit each time your child’s immunisation is updated (immunisations must be current for families to receive Child Care Benefit).
  7. Notify the Greater Hume Children Services Coordination Unit of any changes to parent/guardian details including change of address or custody arrangements.
  8. Notify the Greater Hume Children Services Coordination Unit and your educator of any changes to child details including medical conditions and special needs.
  9. Provide details of current emergency contacts who are also authorised persons for your child.
  10. Comply with the service policy for medications and administration of medication.
  11. Comply with service policy for safe arrival and departure of children including unaccompanied children.
  12. Exclude child from care for the period recommended by NSW Department of Health in the event they contract an infectious disease.
  13. Comply with additional conditions and responsibilities of individual educators.
  14. You authorise for a Greater Hume Children Services staff member to care for your child in an emergency.
  15. You authorise the educator/staff member to seek urgent medical, dental, hospital treatment or ambulance service and hereby give written consent for the carrying out of appropriate medical, dental or hospital treatment for your child as specified in Greater Hume Children Services Policies and Procedures and as parent/guardian you are responsible for all expenses incurred.
  16. You authorise the educator/staff member to administer treatment in the case of illness, emergency or accident specified in Greater Hume Children Services Policies and Procedures.
  17. You give permission for the educator/staff member to carry out an emergency evacuation of your child should this be considered necessary.
  18. You give permission for your child’s photos to be taken and published or posted on the internet for promotional purposes. Photos may be displayed or used in the educator’s home, co-ordination unit, scheme newsletters, newspaper publications and community newsletters and website. If you do not wish for our child’s photos to be published please notify the coordination unit.
  19. You authorise educators/staff member to apply broad spectrum 30+ sunscreen to your children.
  20. You give permission for your Statement of Child Care Usage to be forwarded via email and ensure you keep our service up to date with your current email address.