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Published on 09 May 2021


Local Business Opportunity… Doing What You Love

Steph knew she wanted to work with children from an early age and left school to complete a traineeship in a Child Care Centre. After working in long day care for some time, she investigated other opportunities for work within the industry. She happened to drive past the Coordination Hub, here in Jindera, and popped in to ask a few questions. Within a short time she was operating her own Family Day Care Service.

Steph feels there are many benefits to working with children in her own home. Being able to work while having her own baby in care certainly helped her to maintain a great work life balance.  She has complete flexibility, being able to choose working days and hours that work for her own family.

The combination of managing her own income as well as the tax benefits of being a small business owner means she can provide an excellent income for her family.

There are also the benefits of being able to attend school functions down the track to support all children’s transition to school, as well as her own.

Steph really likes attending the playgroups provided by the Coordination Hub which offers her opportunities to network with other educators. She also feels supported by having the Coordination Hub in the same town.

A big bonus for Steph is being a part of the local community. By doing pick-ups at school and outings to parks, she is immersing the children and herself in the community they live in. This helps to make them all feel connected to the community. She is also providing a much needed, high quality child care service to local families.

We are currently seeking Family Day Care Educators in the Jindera area. If you hold a Certificate III in Early Childhood, and you are interested in a new business opportunity, please contact our office.



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