About Our Educators

The primary focus when selecting educators is that they must have a genuine interest in children and must be motivated to learn, and strive to provide the best education and care for young children. Educators must also have the skills to develop positive relationships with families as this will underpin quality education and care.

Educators are self-employed and offer their own unique and personal service. Each educator completes service orientation training, and demonstrate the skills and knowledge to understand the complex aspects of a child’s development and ability to plan for their learning.

Educators are required to have a minimum of a Certificate III in Children’s Services or other qualification that the Service Manger deems adequate.

To become registered, educators must first:

  • Attend and demonstrate the required knowledge in a formal interview.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge and skills on the job in a Family Day Care environment.
  • Successfully complete Working with Children Checks (also completed by family members over 18) 
  • Obtain recognised first aid certificates 
  • Complete reference checks
  • Undergo orientation training 
  • Continue intensive and ongoing service training
  • Achieved Certificate III in Child Care studies at a minimum.

Family Day Care educators are required to attend regular training and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and a commitment to the continuous improvement of their service.