Roles Of Coordination Unit Staff

The role of the coordination unit staff is to support educators in all aspects of their work. The staff have a diverse and extensive range of qualifications and experience in early childhood and administrative settings. All staff model the philosophy of the scheme and recognise their role to act as advocates for the service, educators, children, and families. Please find out more about our staff here

Home Visits and Support to Educators

Educators are organised into groups or ‘pods’ and have a primary support coordinator. The support coordinator gets to know you and the children at your service, their families and the community in which you work. Support coordinators are highly experienced and knowledgeable early childhood professionals who support educators to program for the education and care needs of each individual child in their service. Visits to the educators home are integral to provide on the job training and to monitor the standard of care.

Play Groups

Play sessions are held regularly in venues throughout the service. Playgroup offers a wide range of model opportunities, excursions and experiences for children that coincides with our Philosophy. Educators benefit from the networking and sharing of ideas with other scheme members. Families registered with the scheme are welcome and encouraged to attend playgroup with their children.


Our service believes that well thought out excursions expand and compliment an educator’s programs to ensure children are offered a wide range of experiences and allow children to be connected and make contributions to their world.

Educators in many instances also provide drop-off and pick-up services to facilitate the inclusion of children and meet the needs of families. Educators must ensure families are consulted when deciding whether to go on excursions and will consider all aspects of safety.

The service has a stringent procedure to assist educators when planning excursions and requires that all excursions be authorised by a parent/guardian or another person authorised by the family. All routine excursions will need approval at the beginning of the year. Please read the Excursion Policy(PDF, 36KB) .

The Resource Library

A Resource Library is available for the use of all parents, educators and staff of Greater Hume Children Services. This includes up to date references and publications from a large variety of sources.

The Scheme has some play equipment, puzzles, toys, books etc that may be borrowed on application.