About Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a nationally accredited, registered child education and care service where children are provided with quality education and care in a warm, nurturing, friendly and safe home-like environment.

Family Day Care is most often operated from the educator’s home but can be licensed in other premises.

In Venue Family Day Care can be approved where there is a demonstrated need allowing an educator to work from licensed premises such as a community hall.

Family Day Care is a very flexible services depending on the preferences of individual educators.

Individual preferences will determine:

  • What hours are available - educators may choose to finish early on a particular day or may work evenings or have early starts. Some educators provide overnight care. 
  • Days available – educators can work part-time, week-ends, school holidays or have school holidays off.
  • Ages of children cared for – educators can specify if they only want children over 12 months or if they do or do not want to provide care for school age children.choose the type of service provided, however three days minimum must be available.

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Professional Educators

The primary focus when selecting educators is a genuine interest in children and a motivation to learn and strive to provide high quality education and care for young children. Educators must also have the skills to develop positive relationships with families as this will underpin quality education and care.

Educators are self-employed child care workers who must meet high professional standards and enjoy the recognition of being professional early childhood educators.

In Greater Hume Children Services educators are respected and valued as individuals and encouraged to participate wholly in the operation of the scheme. Support is provided by the experienced team in the schemes coordination unit whose collective expertise is comprehensive in the areas of child development and quality education and care and also business management and administration.

Educators are registered to provide education and care for a maximum of four children under school age and three additional school age children or up to seven school age children in their home. Small groups of children allow the educator to deliver personal service that covers all aspects of a child’s development and will further increase the personal experience of Family Day Care or In Venue for families.

Families are matched to potential educators by the coordination unit. Where possible families are referred to two educators to allow them to choose who is most suitable. All families are able to apply for fee subsidies from the Department of Human Services.