Business Opportunity for Greater Hume Children Services


Our Children

We believe and respect each child as a capable, unique individual, who learn and develop through play. We know that children explore, discover, imagine, create, and challenge themselves and each other’s thinking. We believe that the play environment should reflect this, by providing children with the opportunity to make their own choices, discover, take risks, explore, investigate, express their ideas, and solve problems. We believe the environment, should be unhurried, fun, enriching, supportive and a place where children can just “Be”.

Our Families

We acknowledge that the most powerful influence in a child’s life is their family. We aim to form trusting, supportive, inclusive and respectful partnerships with families, be accepting of their cultural diversity, and value their ideas and input into their child’s learning.

Our Team

Our service celebrates the individuality, uniqueness and diversity of every educator. We respect and value their knowledge, originality, flexibility, and willingness to try new things. Our Educators are chosen because they share a genuine passion and interest for children and their wellbeing, with a commitment to high quality education and care. Our team, including Greater Hume Shire, Coordination Unit staff and Educators believe in creating supportive, positive, respectful and fair relationships between team members, where all members are valued, nurtured and fostered. We recognise the critical role we play in paving the child’s future and providing them the best start in life, by ensuring high quality service. We are professionals who embrace current research, collaborate and reflect on our own development and have a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our Community

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and embrace the wide cultural diversity we have in our community, by respecting, celebrating and honouring all differences, to foster a “Sense of Belonging “

We believe community is an important part of our service; we serve both urban and rural children and families and believe strongly in giving rural children and families equal opportunities.

We believe that it is important for children to connect, to nature and the land, by providing them with opportunities to play, explore, and be challenged, in the natural environment. We encourage and develop lifelong respect for our environment by developing practices of recycling and reducing waste in daily life to promote a sustainable future.